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Anupam Shaw 2 years ago
What would be approximate raw score for 80 percentile n above?
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Sunayana 2 years ago
The answer is 136. Since a cannot be less than 5, assign 5 to a and then your equation will become a+b+c=15. Solving for non-negative integer solutions for this equation will give you the answer as 136.

The Magnus Prep CAT Mock Test 3 is out. You can access the same under the Mock Test tab.

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Ishan Kacker 2 years ago
the second table in the last LRDI question is missing..kindly see to this query..
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Sai Pavan Kumar 2 years ago
In the explanation given, it was said that 4th statement does't quite fit anywhere and 5th will fit after 1st sentence and the answer is given as 5th choice.
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