Sentence Correction

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The Sentence correction Section of CAT includes different types of Questions. These Questions are designed to test your ability to identify written English that is grammatically correct and to understand the essential message conveyed in that sentence. Therefore, understanding the essential and discarding the unimportant or non-essential is the key to cracking these questions.

Choosing the Grammatically Correct Sentences

In this type of question, four sentences are given and you will be asked to choose the grammatically correct sentence. There is no underlined part so you have to analyse the entire sentence for its accuracy and grammar.

Identifying the Incorrect Sentence or Sentences

In this type of questions four sentences are given, usually connected to one another. You have to identify the incorrect sentences. At times, out of the four given sentences, three may be incorrect and at times one or two may be incorrect.

Appropriate/ Inappropriate Usage

In these questions, the different usages of various words and phrases are tested. You have to choose the option in which the usage is inappropriate or incorrect.

Sentence Correction Strategies

  1. In case of choosing the grammatically correct or incorrect sentences, the first thing to do is to go through all the four sentences quickly. The common mistake, committed by the examinees, is that the moment they spot one error they immediately choose the response that corrects that particular error. But, there might be multiple errors in a sentence.
  2. Therefore while choosing the correct sentence, one has to be careful in selecting the response as the correct answer must correct all the errors. Intelligent reading will help one make a judicious selection.
  3. While reading the options you may find one or two sentences with glaring grammatical mistakes. Obviously, what you should do is to short list your options. Then closely concentrate on the one or two short listed options out of the four given.
  4. In case of appropriate/ inappropriate usage type of questions, read all the options and beware of eye catchers. Likewise, keep in mind the fact that words can have secondary meanings and hence look at all possible interpretations of the given word before choosing the answer.
  5. Look out for the grammatical errors. We have different types of grammatical errors. You have to concentrate chiefly on the following kinds of errors.
    A. Errors of subject verb agreement or concord of the verb with the subject.
    B. Errors based on the wrong usage of certain words or group of words.
    C. Errors in the use of pronouns.
    D. Errors in the use of Tenses.
    E. Errors in the use of Certain Nouns, Adjectives, Adverbs.
    F. Errors in the use of Infinitives and gerunds.