Logical Reasoning

Magnus Prep · 3 min read
Arrangement is the act of putting things in a specific order or a sequence in order to satisfy the given constraints. Read on to know about construct of an arrangement puzzle and various solution approaches.
Linear Arrangement
Magnus Prep · 2 min read
Here's a quick read on points to be remembered when solving linear arrangement problems in CAT
Circular Arrangement
Magnus Prep · 2 min read
Circular arrangement can be defined as an arrangement having a closed loop. Typical examples include situations where in we need to make a seating arrangement around a table. Read on to understand circular arrangements in detail.
Complex Arrangements
Magnus Prep · 1 min read
Complex arrangements are arrangements which involve more than two dimensions. Read on to know the approach to solve Complex Arrangement problems.
Blood Relationships
Magnus Prep · 3 min read
Blood relationship questions focus on testing the ability of a student to identify different family relationships and hence their analytical skills. Read on to understand various terms used to describe family relationships, different question types and strategies to crack problems on blood relations.
Coding - Decoding
Magnus Prep · 2 min read
Coding/Decoding questions test the ability of a student to identify hidden patterns and judge his/her intelligence and mental ability. Read on to learn the different types of Coding and Decoding concepts.
Magnus Prep · 2 min read
Here's a quick read on different types of questions asked from cubes in CAT
Games and Tournaments
Magnus Prep · 5 min read
Questions based on games and tournaments typically test both logical and analytical reasoning.The questions are generally based on seeding, goals scored, elimination criteria etc and test the student’s ability to identify the given parameters and analyse them.
Magnus Prep · 3 min read
In this article, understand various concepts that are questioned in Networks and solve a few examples on the same.