Linear Arrangement

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A linear arrangement can be defined as a straight line arrangement typically involving not more than two dimensions. The key to be noted here is arrangements are done only on one axis. Points to be remembered when solving linear arrangement problems can be listed as follows.

  • When A is said to be in the left or ahead of B in a linear arrangement, it cannot be assumed that A is to the immediate left of B or immediately ahead of B unless it is mentioned so
  • The directions given are relative in nature as it depends on from whose perspective you are deciding the For ex, if four people P,Q, R and S are sitting in a table from left to right in the same order, then Q is sitting to the left of R but to the right of P.
  • Left or right changes depending on the two possible scenarios e., whether people are sitting facing us or facing the other side. But, as long as one maintains consistency in incorporating the directions, this fact should not change the solution as the two scenarios are mirror images of each other.