Our Program Features
The Written Ability Test
4 videos. 23 minutes .
Understand all about WAT strategies, importance of content and style and writing
Interview Advice
8 videos. 23 minutes .
Build your interpersonal skills and prepare to effortlessly become the ideal candidate for a B-School
10 videos. 37 minutes .
Learn to answer the most frequently asked questions in all the B-school interviews
Group Discussion
1 video. 20 minutes .
Use our templates to brainstorm for ideas in any GD topic and perform your best in the GD session
Application Essays
1 video. 15 minutes .
Follow an easy-to-implement framework for getting your Application Essays done in a jiffy
Case Studies for GD/PI
2 video. 15 minutes .
Ace the Case Study components in a Group Discussion / Personal Interview of premier B-Schools
Tips for the D-day
4 videos. 14 minutes .
Get useful tips to spruce up your Resume, Body Language, Behaviour and wear the winning attitude
Hear from your seniors
6 videos. 1 hour 44 minutes .
Learn from the experiences of your seniors who have been there and done that
Magnus Prep Explains..
Explainer videos on trending topics .
Get access to Explainer videos on must-know topics for your WAT, GD and PI
Program Validity : 6 months
Experience our Lessons
Tips to plan your essay for IIM Written Ability Test (WAT)
Cow and a Flag Pole Concept
Developing Interpersonal Skills for MBA Admissions
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