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Reading Comprehension

Hi guys I am preparing for Cat 2019..kindly help me with verbal section RCs..how to improve this area.?Also what should i read on daily basis to improve it.?

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Pallavi Jichkar 3 months ago
Read articles from aeon.co

Question of the Day


The passage given below is followed by four summaries. Choose the summary that best captures the author’s position.

A fundamental property of language is that it is slippery and messy and more liquid than solid, a gelatinous mass that changes shape to fit. As Wittgenstein would remind us, “usage has no sharp boundary.” Oftentimes, the only way to determine the meaning of a word is to examine how it is used. This insight is often described as the “meaning is use” doctrine. There are differences between the “meaning is use” doctrine and a dictionary-first theory of meaning. “The dictionary’s careful fixing of words to definitions, like butterflies pinned under glass, can suggest that this is how language works. The definitions can seem to ensure and fix the meaning of words, just as the gold standard can back a country’s currency.” What Wittgenstein found in the circulation of ordinary language, however, was a free-floating currency of meaning. The value of each word arises out of the exchange. The lexicographer abstracts a meaning from that exchange, which is then set within the conventions of the dictionary definition.

  1. A Dictionary definitions are like ‘gold standards’ – artificial, theoretical and dogmatic. Actual meaning of words is their free exchange value. 18%
  2. B Language is already slippery; given this, accounting for ‘meaning in use’ will only exasperate the problem. That is why lexicographers ‘fix’ meanings 19%
  3. C Meaning is dynamic; definitions are static. The ‘meaning in use’ theory helps us understand that definitions of words are culled from their meaning in exchange and use and not vice versa. 53%
  4. D The meaning of words in dictionaries is clear, fixed and less dangerous and ambiguous than the meaning that arises when words are exchanged between people Answer 11%
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Aakash Jaiswal 1 year ago
C is the Answer.

Definition of a word comes with various meanings in usage.

Meanings are hence dynamic as they change with exchange and usage.
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Christi 2 years ago
i hope this helps to improve my RC Skills!

Read the passage and answer the question that follows:
Many United States companies have, unfortunately, made the search for legal protection from import competition into a major line of work. Since 1980 the United States International Trade Commission (ITC) has received about 280 complaints alleging damage from imports that benefit from subsidies by foreign governments. Another 340 charge that foreign companies “dumped” their products in the United States at “less than fair value.” Even when no unfair practices are alleged, the simple claim that an industry has been injured by imports is sufficient grounds to seek relief.

Contrary to the general impression, this quest for import relief has hurt more companies than it has helped. As corporations begin to function globally, they develop an intricate web of marketing, production, and research relationships, The complexity of these relationships makes it unlikely that a system of import relief laws will meet the strategic needs of all the units under the same parent company.

Internationalization increases the danger that foreign companies will use import relief laws against the very companies the laws were designed to protect. Suppose a United States-owned company establishes an overseas plant to manufacture a product while its competitor makes the same product in the United States. If the competitor can prove injury from the imports—and that the United States company received a subsidy from a foreign government to build its plant abroad—the United States company’s products will be uncompetitive in the United States, since they would be subject to duties.

Perhaps the most brazen case occurred when the ITC investigated allegations that Canadian companies were injuring the United States salt industry by dumping rock salt, used to de-ice roads. The bizarre aspect of the complaint was that a foreign conglomerate with United States operations was crying for help against a United States company with foreign operations. The “United States” company claiming injury was a subsidiary of a Dutch conglomerate, while the “Canadian” companies included a subsidiary of a Chicago firm that was the second-largest domestic producer of rock salt.

It can be inferred from the passage that the minimal basis for a complaint to the International Trade Commission is which of the following?

  1. A The company requesting import relief has been injured by the sale of imports in the United States. 49%
  2. B The company requesting import relief has been barred from exporting products to the country of its foreign competitor. 10%
  3. C A foreign competitor is selling products in the United States at less than fair market value. 15%
  4. D A foreign competitor has received a subsidy from a foreign government. 15%
  5. E A foreign competitor has substantially increased the volume of products shipped to the United States. 12%
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Rajesh 9 months ago
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Since 1951, many experimental attempts to synthesize the chemical constituents of life under "primitive fob conditions" have been performed, but none of these experiments has produced anything approaching the complexity of the simplest organism. They have demonstrated, however, that a variety of the complex molecules currently making up living organisms could have been present in the early ocean and atmosphere, with only one limitation: such molecules are synthesized far less readily when oxygen-containing compounds dominate the atmosphere. Therefore some scientists postulate that the Earth's earliest atmosphere, unlike that of today, was dominated by hydrogen, methane, and ammonia. From these studies, scientists have concluded that the surface of the primitive Earth was covered with oceans containing the molecules fundamental to life. Although at present, scientists cannot explain how these relatively small molecules combined to produce larger, more complex molecules, some scientists have precipitously ventured hypothesis that attempts to explain the development, from these larger molecules, of the earliest self-duplicating organisms.

According to the passage. which of the following can be inferred about the process by which the chemical constituents of life were synthesized under primitive Earth conditions?

  1. A The synthesis is unlikely to occur under current atmospheric conditions. 47%
  2. B The synthesis is accelerated by the presence of oxygen-containing compounds. 33%
  3. C The synthesis is common in modem laboratories. 6%
  4. D The synthesis occurs more readily in the atmosphere than in the ocean. 14%
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Rohit R 1 year ago
Thanks Vijay for the guidance
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