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Ebin Thomas 1 year ago
Arsenal won max points ie 9 points from all matches and scored 3 goals in entire tournament which means
all arsenal games end in 1-0
Since all team scored 3 goals and no team end in tie, the following are the only possiblities of rest of the games
Milan1-0 Barca
Milan2-1 Lyon
Baca3-2 Lyon
Therfore no of goals in barca vs lyon is 5

In a television quiz programme called "Kaun Banega Lakpathi (KBL)', five contestants were asked to name the winner of a tennis tournament in each of the years, from 2003 to 2007. As the contestants asked for a help-line, the anchor gave the hint that the winners of the five years were Pete, Boris, Roger, Andre and Goran, not necessarily in that order. The contestants gave their respective orders as shown in the table.

If the contestant names the winners of all the five years correctly, he will get Rs.10 lakh as prize money. If the contestant names the winners of only X years but not all of the five years correctly, he will get Rs (X + 1) lakh as prize money. Further, it was found that each of the contestants won a different amount as prize money.

Who is the winner of the tournament in 2003?

  1. A Roger 15%
  2. B Boris 19%
  3. C Andre 15%
  4. D Cannot be determined 50%
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Praveen 3 months ago
Need approach

Five horses, Red, White, Grey, Black and Spotted participated in a race. As per the rules of the race, the persons betting on the winning horse get four times the bet amount and those betting on the horse that came in second get thrice the bet amount. Moreover, the bet amount is returned to those betting on the horse that came in third, and the rest lose the bet amount. Raju bets Rs.3000, Rs. 2000 and Rs.1000 on Red. White and Black horses respectively and ends up with no profit and no loss.

Which of the following cannot be true?
1. At least two horses finished before Spotted
2. Red finished last
3. There were three horses between Black and Spotted
4. There were three horses between White and Red
5. Grey came in second

  1. A 1 27%
  2. B 2 23%
  3. C 3 17%
  4. D 4 10%
  5. E 5 23%
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