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SHAHADA C G 1 month ago
Am also a new one. No idea still 🥺🥺🥺
Arjun Rathaur 1 year ago
AB is a perfect cube. AC is a power of 3 and AC = 3*AB
So, AB has to be a power 3 which is a multiple of 3(because it is a cube).
First case is AB = 27, then AC is 81. But looking at the options this is not the case.
AB = 3^6 = 729, AC = 2187. The perimeter will be 729 + 2187 + 397
Perimeter = 3313 feet
Note that this building can be triangular, but can not form a triangle since the sum of two side is less than the third side.

i am not scoring in my mocks,my scores are gradually decreasing plus i am really badd at maths how to improve quants pleaseee suggesstttt :(

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Aakash Jaiswal 1 year ago
Hi Aviral.

Well the good news is that you have discovered it early in your CAT Prep. I think your scores will definitely improve with correct analysis of the Mocks that you take.
Harish 1 year ago
Let the no of correct qns be (x), incorrect qns be (y) and skipped qns be (z)...

According to the qn,

x+y+z= 50-----(1)

x - y/3 - z/6= 32


6x - 2y -z. = 192-------(2).

Eliminate z by adding the eqns 1 and 2

7x -y= 242

x= (242+y)/7...

We can see that y cannot take values less than 3..

The answer is option (3).
Fanish C.K 1 year ago
Anton Menezes 1 year ago
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Aakash 2 years ago
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At which time number of minutes elapsed since midnight is nine times the number of minutes before noon?

  1. A 8.30 am 10%
  2. B 6.56 am 27%
  3. C 9.46 am 31%
  4. D 10.48 am 31%
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Shiva 2 years ago
Let x be the number of minutes since midnight and y be the number of minutes before noon.

From midnight to noon we have 12 hour, thus 720 minutes.





implies y=72

We have 72 minutes to noon, so it's 10:48
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