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Logical Reasoning

Enhance your problem solving ability and logical reasoning skills by solving exam-specific problems.

⚠️!!Help me out!!⚠️ Pick out the odd man 2,9,28,64,126 Options a-9 b-28 c-64 d-126 Answer opinion c All other numbers are the form of x^3+1 Why can’t we choose the option a all other numbers are can be divided by 2

kumar pawan 8 months ago
the problem was floors between (civics and Q)
Chandan Gaur 10 months ago

My mock score(percentile) is varying a lot across this section. I am getting like 98 in one mock and 60 in the next one. Please suggest something so that I can get a consistent score.

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Suyash Gandhi 11 months ago
it all comes down to the number of attempts and accuracy. if you're trying to maximize your attempts then it is natural that your score will vary so much. instead try maintaining a consistent accuracy and treat every mock differently on the basis of level of difficulty and the scores will follow

In a big hostel, there are 1000 rooms. In that hostel, only even numbers are used for room numbers, i.e. the room numbers are 2, 4, 6, ..., 1998, 2000. All the rooms have one resident each. One fine morning, the warden calls all the residents and tells them to go back to their rooms as well as multiples of their room numbers. When a guy visits a room and finds the door open, he closes it, and if the door is closed, he opens it. All 1000 guys do this operation. All the doors were open initially. What is the last door that is closed (room number of that door)?

  1. A 1936 26%
  2. B 2000 29%
  3. C 1922 34%
  4. D 1966 11%
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Shashank Jaiswal 1 year ago
Only the numbers which are squares will stay open because only squares have odd number of factors.
So, the last door to be closed will have to be largest number which is twice a square number.
31 * 31 = 961 and 32 * 32 = 1024
So the last door that is closed = 2 * 961 = 1922
Ebin Thomas 11 months ago
Arsenal won max points ie 9 points from all matches and scored 3 goals in entire tournament which means
all arsenal games end in 1-0
Since all team scored 3 goals and no team end in tie, the following are the only possiblities of rest of the games
Milan1-0 Barca
Milan2-1 Lyon
Baca3-2 Lyon
Therfore no of goals in barca vs lyon is 5
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