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Quantitative Aptitude

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A has played 120 matches with succes rate of 75%. for first x matches his success rate was 70 %, 55% for next y matches and 90% for last z matches. How many matches did he win in the first x+y matches?

  1. A 42 41%
  2. B 36 24%
  3. C 45 24%
  4. D 30 12%
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Ash Kagzi 2 months ago
i think some data is missing
Ash Kagzi 2 months ago
whats about your maths ??

A attempted to add 10. 2 digit numbers one of them P was the reverse of one of the other if P was replaced by another 2 digit number Q and it's reverse was replaced by the reverse of Q the average of number is 6.6 more? Find the difference between the sum of digit of Q and P?

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pavan ananthula 2 months ago

A person buys loan of rs 45000 from a bank at compound interest at the rate of 10 %. HE REPAYS it in the three annual installment that are in arithmetic progrsson. He ends up paying 54000 in all. How much did he pay in first year?

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kumar pawan 9 months ago
ans - 60%,
Surya Pratap Rana 10 months ago
d answer
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