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Shashank Jaiswal

D) 5 goals Since Arsenal(A) finished at the top, followed by Milan(B) and then Barcelona(B), and there were no draws, the only possibility is A wins all 3 matches, M 2 matches, B 1 match and Lyon(L) lost all its matches. Now, each team scored 3 goals, thus A won all its matches with a scoreline of 1- 0. Now, to satisfy all the conditions, the only possibility of goals scored in all the matches is M-B : 1-0; M-L : 2-1 and B-L : 3-2. Hope this is clear.

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Ebin Thomas

Arsenal won max points ie 9 points from all matches and scored 3 goals in entire tournament which means all arsenal games end in 1-0 Since all team scored 3 goals and no team end in tie, the following are the only possiblities of rest of the games Milan1-0 Barca Milan2-1 Lyon Baca3-2 Lyon Therfore no of goals in barca vs lyon is 5

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